Good Tuesday Morning!

You know, when you wake up in the morning and wonder what time it is? That brife moment were you make the jump between realizing your running late or you can get 5 more mins. The hardest time to find out it is, is when you see that you are on time. And you should get up right now. Then you have to make the choice to either be a good little soldier and march out of bed or a rebellious teenager and sleep in. There is a part of everyone to that pulls to remain young and keep to the warmth of a bed worthy of a solid snuggle. The cold clutches of age and responsibility kept at bay by the barrier of a good blanket. Every great story needs conflict but not always between good and evil. 


The last time I … what?

I have been having quite an issue with remembering things. I start to say something only to stop mid sentence and stare at the person I am talking too like they should know. It drives my husband crazy. However, good news is that I feel that have have almost completely learned the Hiragana and Katakana! Go Me!

New Mornings Dawn

“Oh shi- Tina get up. It is 7:30am.” Alarms never work. Damn it never seems like enough sleep. Sleep is for the week or old I guess. Not for young couples who seek to make their own way in the world.

“Five more mins….” He walks away without a word, into the shower with him. Well shiz I guess I have to get up now. Begrudgingly I place my feet on the floor and yawn the air of the night out of my lungs. Rub my eyes and let them get used to the view of the doors. What if one of those doors lead to another place then I was expecting. What if I opened it and walked into the kitchen of some large house. The possibilities excite me but they can’t see me in my PJs, so I pick up my clothes and change to get ready for the day.

As I reach for the door, I hear a faint cry, softly at first then becoming more¬†persistent. The first signs of life emerge from behind one of the 3 doors. I swiftly open the door to get a jump on any spookies that might try to harm me. In front of me sits the most horrifying thing, a slobbery, crying, dirty baby. But if you cock your head to one side and squint he is kinda cute I guess. I decide it is worth the risk and walk over to pick him up. He stands up to meet me and shows his bright white teeth in a show of dominance. As if to assert his position he wipes his slobber and snot across my shirt. He comes back to meet my eyes as if to defy me to make an objection. “Awww, Thank you son. That’s just what I always wanted.”

He seems pleased by this and gives me more slobber and snot but this time on my cheek. I can see where this is going to lead. “Thank you so much! Would you like to eat?” My attempt to distract him seems to work because he gives a curt nod to me and we head for the other door. NOOOOO, I realize sharply that I just allowed him to decide what lay behind the door. He is a child of some kind and seems to keep his needs and wants very simple, with age they will grow but I know that behind that door now lays his want, food. Without flourish I open the door and see a rather bland living room and a kitchen beyond that. I locate his throne and place him in it. I give him a golden bar filled with fruit. It smells sickeningly sweet but he seems to enjoy it. Well, now I need to ready for work. All doors have been explored and nothing new. Maybe tomorrow!